Parents are invited to make an appointment to watch a class with their son or daughter before considering enrolment.

Classes are kept small in order to give every pupil the attention necessary for them to achieve their full potential. If we are unable to accommodate a new pupil at the time, they will be placed on our waiting list.

An Enrolment Fee is applicable when completing the Registration Form and a term’s notice in writing or a term’s fees in lieu of notice is required in the event of a withdrawal from the school.


Parents are invoiced by post in advance of the start of term and all fees are payable, in full, within the first seven days of term.


The Autumn, Spring and Summer term dates follow those of the local schools and parents are invited to watch their son or daughter’s class/es throughout the final week of each term.

Summer 2021 term dates
Term begins: Tuesday April 20th
Term ends: Saturday July 24th
Half term: Monday 31st May to Sunday June 6th


When enrolling their child into the school, parents are provided with the details of the regulation uniform for ballet, jazz and tap, which may be purchased from the school.


Our pupils take pride and pleasure in appearing beautifully groomed and this is encouraged from an early age as looking smart and elegant enhances the way in which the children feel when they dance. Well-groomed hair also helps the teacher to observe a clear line of the head, neck and upper back; which are essential for good poise.