Classes take place out of school hours from Tuesday to Friday and throughout Saturday.  Classes follow the school term times.


Our training begins with children from 3 years old. This is the ideal age to begin exploring the world of dance. Our classes are designed to encourage children to be imaginative, musical, coordinated and focussed in a structured and happy environment. Right from the beginning, the children learn that good posture is for life.

As the students progress, they develop their strength, technique and fitness levels with extended class time, cardio-vascular work with skipping ropes and floor exercises. They become confident, self-disciplined and show an appreciation of every aspect of the art.

Some of our more promising students develop their choreographic and theatrical skills during a specialised Theatre class.

imperial society of teachers and dancing

During the Spring Term of 2020, we are very excited to be introducing the Imperial Society Of Teachers of Dancing classical ballet syllabus for Pre-Primary/Primary levels. This will enhance our already strong introduction to our junior classical ballet training. We feel that the ISTD and the RAD work can complement each other and work in harmony, giving us more choice.


Separate point classes are offered to senior students studying the RAD vocational syllabus and provide a comprehensive introduction and development of pointe work.


Invited students may also take a junior associates class from grade 2. This supports students looking to develop and strengthen their classical ballet technique. Specialised exercises will develop their performance skills and forms a good basis for the senior Theatre class.

Theatre class students performing “Ballet Dolls”

Adult Ballet Classes take place at Long Ditton Village hall on Wednesdays from 6.45pm to 7.45pm. Classes are booked for a term (10 – 13 weeks). This is a beginners class suited for adults with varying levels of dance experience.


Jazz is an expressive, stylish and dynamic form of dance, encouraging the students to move freely with speed, energy and attack. The classes include floor work for strength and flexibility, isolations, turns, travelling elevated movements, amalgamated steps and a performed routine.


Children start tap from the age of six and may enter for the I.S.T.D. examinations from pre-primary to Advanced grades. Tap dancing encourages students to have fun exploring different rhythms and styles of dance that are to be seen and enjoyed in musical theatre. The older students develop their style with more emphasis on speed of footwork, syncopation, improvisation and stage presence. Tap examinations are taught by Miss Paula Pitt, a fully qualified and registered teacher of the I.S.T.D Society.

launch of the istd contemporary syllabus

Friday classes: 5.15pm to 6.15pm
Over the last 14 years we have had a huge success with the ISTD tap syllabus and examinations. In 2020 Miss Pitt will begin to introduce the newly launched ISTD Contemporary Dance syllabus. More of our students are showing an interest in contemporary dance and this genre will be especially valuable when auditioning for vocational school.

former students

Many former students have graduated to vocational dance school and have moved onto a successful career in dance.

Lydia Walker
Rehearsing Red Queen for 2016 production for Hats in the Land of Wonder

“I will always treasure my time dancing at Denise Winmill School of Dance. I started ballet classes with Miss Denise at 5 years old and continued through until I was 19. I was definitely a mover, but it was through Miss Denise that I was exposed to the pure artistry of classical ballet. Her expertise in ballet is formidable and a gift to her students. It was really lovely to attend class each week and build friendships with the other students. Miss Denise really planted and nurtured the seed for my love of dance with her absolute passion and joy for it, something I took with me through my degree in Contemporary Dance and beyond. I am very lucky to have had such a wise, beautiful, inspiring and supportive mentor and teacher who not only exposed me to dance but, through whom I fell in love with movement wholeheartedly.”